Photo of Claire Milton

I’m a photographer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, also frequenting the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. I love to photograph just about anything.  I always have a camera handy.  My Dad gave me a Pentax 35m film camera when I was a teenager.  I had that camera for nearly thirty years and most of what I know about photography I learned with it.  Most of the photos I have of my three beautiful children were taken with it, and when the film winder on it finally broke, I was devastated when the camera repair guy laughed at me asking if it could be fixed.

But a camera is just a tool. Just like a great box of screwdrivers does not a carpenter make, a great camera does not make a great photograph. People take photos, cameras do not.  I moved on from that camera and invested in new tools and new learning. The digital cameras available today are awesome, but  I work hard to make sure I can achieve the potential of my toolbox (which is a Canon toolbox, by the way).

I love taking photos, but most of all I love the effect great photos have on people.  It is such a joy to deliver my work to clients – I call it the “big reveal”.  There is no greater reward for me than the tears and laughter of a happy customer. Contact Claire Milton today, for all your photography in Nova Scotia.

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