Photo of Claire Milton


I am a photographer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I also spend a lot of time on the South Shore of this beautiful province. I love to photograph many things, especially weddings and horses. I take portraits as well … and shoot events. There isn’t really any genre that I do not enjoy.

I have been taking photos for most of my life. My dad gave me a Pentax SLR back in the ’70’s and I used that camera until the manual film winder on it broke. By then, I had photographed every stage of my kids’ lives and had boxes and boxes of albums and prints.

By the time I replaced that camera, it was the digital age. Now I have thousands and thousands of gigabytes of digital images, but I still print the special ones, and encourage my clients to do the same.

I love taking photos because of the effect that beautiful photos have on people. There is no greater reward than the tears and laughter of a happy client. Contact me today.

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