Timing is Everything: Vicki Perry & Robert Levy Wedding

Timing is Everything: Vicki Perry & Robert Levy Wedding

Vicki and Rob tied the knot on June 7, 2014 at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Chester Nova Scotia.  Guests and family members feted the couple at the Forties Community Centre just outside of New Ross, Christmas Tree Capital of the World.

You know when the timing is right …

Timing is Everything.  Nobody knows this better than Vicki and Rob.  Vicki waited a long time for Mr. Right, and she found him in Rob.  Rob might have believed that his timing would never return, after his first wife passed away a few years ago.  But now he knows that perfect timing repeats, and so does happiness and the joy of being in love.

wedding rings and shoes
Rings from Crescent Jewellers

Old friends bringing new best friends together …

Vicki and Vickey, maid of honour, have known each other for a lifetime.  Vickey has been by Vicki’s side throughout many good times, and some very bad times.  Vicki’s parents have both passed.  Their wedding bands adorned Vicki’s bridal bouquet attached with blue ribbons.  Vicki said that she cannot imagine having shared her wedding day without Vickey by her side. Vickey’s husband, Paul, was master of ceremonies. Now Vicki & Rob and Vickey & Paul will spend many more happy hours together.

Bride and Maid of Honour
Hannah Levy joined Vicki and Vickey as Jr. Bridesmaid.
Hannah Levy joined Vicki and Vickey as Jr. Bridesmaid.
The beautiful bouquets were crafted at Seaside Flowers, Lunenburg, NS

Timing is Everything is also the title of the song chosen by Vicki and Rob for their first dance.  Written by Garrett Hedlund and featured in the movie Country Strong, the lyrics perfectly tell Vicki & Rob’s story. I loved being there to document this special chapter … many blessings to Vicki & Rob.

“Timing Is Everything” by Garrett Hedlund
When the stars line up
And you catch a break
People think you’re lucky
But you know its grace
It can happen so fast
Or a little bit late
Timing is everything

Wedding Cake by April Thomas, Hubbards NS
The beautiful two-heart cake came from April Thomas, Hubbards NS
Vicky Perry & Robert Perry wedding

You know I’ve had close calls
When it could’ve been me
I was young when I learned just how fragile life can be
I lost friends of mine
I guess it wasn’t my time
Timing is everything
And I could’ve been the child that God took home,
And I would’ve been one more unfinished song
And when it seems a rhyme is hard to find
That’s when one comes along
Just in time

I remember that day
When our eyes first met
You ran into the building to get out of the rain
Cause you were soaking wet
And as I held the door
You wanted to know my name
Timing is everything
And I could’ve been another minute late
And you’d never would’ve crossed my path that day
And when it seems true love is hard to find
That’s when love comes along
Just in time

Vicky Perry & Robert Levy wedding

You can call it fate
Or destiny
Sometimes it really seems like its a mystery

Cause you can be hurt by love
Or healed by the same
Timing is everything
It can happen so fast
Or a little too late
Timing is everything



Wedding Dance

Ceremony Venue: St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Chester NS

Reception Venue: Forties Community Centre, New Ross, NS

Bridal Boutique: Tatum’s Bridal, Windsor, NS

Bride’s Dress: Maggie Soterro

Menswear:  Moore’s (Vera Wang)

Flowers: Seaside Flowers, Lunenburg NS

Cake: April Thomas, Hubbards, NS

Band: The Bucket List

Makeup and Hair: Vickey Sharpe

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