Nova Scotia – top wedding destination for good reason – and a photog who knows location, location, location

If you’re thinking about running away to get married, run away to my beautiful home province of Nova Scotia. If you’re a romantic soul who envisions an oceanside ceremony at sunrise, sunset, or in the middle of a beautiful summer’s day, there are so many options here to fulfil that vision.
I wasn’t born here, but I think I was meant to be. No matter where you are here in this magical place you are never far from the Atlantic ocean, and the air hums with spirits of a past built by people from many cultures, Celtic, Acadian, African, English, Mi’kmaq … and more. Music is bred in the bone here, too, and we know how to throw a party. Oh boy, do we.
They don’t call Nova Scotia “Canada’s Ocean Playground” for nothing – we can point you in the direction of hundreds of beaches and seaside locations ideal for summer weddings where you will be all alone in the world (except for your special circle of friends and family, of course). Even in the midst of winter, the beauty here inspires me to get outside with my camera and capture what is always a beautiful place.
Let me know what you need to marry here by the sea. We have it all and I know where to find it.
Nova Scotia - A Perfect Wedding Destination

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