Every wedding needs an “Emmazing” Cake!

Every wedding needs an “Emmazing” Cake!

Not much activity in wedding photography at this time of year … except for the summer bookings of course!

So, there’s something about the women in my family that I must tell you about while waiting for Spring. We seem to know how to do a great many creative things – especially the things you need for fabulous weddings! I’m going to use my blog to show you some of the talent running hot in the Milton veins – first up is my beautiful niece Emma Milton, who makes “Emmazing Cakes” in Aurora, Ontario. Emma’s cakes not only look fabulous; she fills them with Emmazing, tasty fillings that say “more, more, more”.

A selection of Emmazing sweet sensations

Last summer, we had a family wedding here in Nova Scotia, and we just had to have an Emmazing Cake for the lovely bride and groom. Emma flew down here with her wonderful young family and spent her seaside cottage vacation making this romantic doozy of a cake! The detail on the fruit and flowers was breathtaking, and what fun it was to photograph.
Wedding cake made by Emma Milton for Tom and Lily

If you need an Emmazing Cake, you can find Emma on Facebook at Emmazing Cakes.
Stay tuned for more fabulous Milton women – we have photographers, jewelers, fabric and textile artists, florists, and wedding stylists galore! And there’s a fabulous creative bro’ as well. The wait will be worth it.

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