And I’m ready to go!

After much hair pulling, cursing, and caffeine-infused drinks, I’ve finished my new website, added a blog, and launched the new me! The new me is ready to get going with my much talked about dream of getting paid to take photos. Well, it’s not entirely a dream, because people are already doing that. The dream is to do more of it so that I can wake up every day and look forward to doing what I love to do best! A wise person once said that if you do what you love, the rest will follow. Putting my faith in that wisdom! Hope you’ll take some time to look around my site – and share, share, share!

Not sure where this blog will take me. I’ll start by admitting that my hardest challenge in photography is big black dogs in white snow! To get it right, you have to override just about everything that these new-fangled digital cameras want to do for you – all while wearing mittens! Along with horses (see my bio), I love dogs. We have three, Paisley (Newf), Stella (Lab), and Beau (Maltese, not in the snow photo – he’s smart enough to stay indoors when it dips below zero – but how cute is he in his walking coat?). Dogs are better souls than most people, so I live with the unconquerable dog hair, slobber, muddy paws, and occasional chewed boot because I can’t imagine life without them. There, my ode to dogs. Today was a good old-fashioned snow day, so I worked at home. Another good thing about dogs – they make you go in the great outdoors even when it’s cold and snowy and you don’t like winter sports. Paisley and Stella had a fine time chewing up felled tree branches, and couldn’t care less about the -10C temperatures. Who knew life could be so much fun?

photocrati galleryphotocrati gallery

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  1. Very nice, congrats and goodluck….


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