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My wedding photography is natural, elegant, and timeless. I want to document your day to preserve both the ceremonial importance and the fleeting but precious moments that make up a wedding day. When you look back on your photos years from now, I want you to laugh and cry at their beauty and ability to conjure memories. Sometimes, it’s fun to embrace a fashion trend or take a big risk on a so-called “cutting edge” style – but not when it comes to a product that is supposed to last for generations – I take photographs that I hope your grandchildren will cherish as much as you do.

I’d be kidding if I did not admit that photographing a wedding is hard work. A long day, on your feet, mind racing a mile a minute thinking about the next shot and whether everything is coming together the way it should. Then there’s the crowd of people hovering about with their own cameras, trying to get their own perfect shot and not realizing that they are standing in between me and the bridal party. I chuckle sometimes, wondering whether they would jump into the kitchen at their favourite restaurant with their own wooden spoons. But, despite the challenges (and what job doesn’t have challenges?), I love being at a wedding with my camera to capture what I know will be perhaps the most meaningful photographs in your family albums (vying for top spot with your baby photos, of course). I love it because, even if I don’t know you very well, I recognize in everyone I photograph those looks, those touches, those little fleeting moments that convey pure and honest love, sheer and utter joy. It is so rewarding to be involved in some small way with those moments. It reminds me so powerfully about the importance and value of our bonds and promises. And a good cry is just plain good therapy. And chances are, I’ll cry at your wedding. Can’t wait to meet you.

Here’s an example of a wedding slideshow, included with some of my wedding packages. The wedding took place in the Summer of 2013 at the Hubbards Community Barn, in Hubbards, Nova Scotia. My slideshows are available within a few days of your wedding, so you can share with friends and family while you’re waiting for prints and albums.

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