Well dawg gone it … your dogs oughta be in pictures!
Life is just better when I'm with my dog.

Well dawg gone it … your dogs oughta be in pictures!

I love taking photos of people’s dogs – because the only thing dog people love more than their dogs are photos of their dogs!

I just finished reading, “A Dog’s Purpose”, by Bruce Cameron. If you haven’t read it, I will simply recommend that you get a dog, because without one you risk dying alone. And who wants that? The book, and another favourite of mine (actually my favourite dog book), “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein are “technically” written from the dog’s perspective. They can’t be of course. We dog people think we know what our dogs are thinking, … but sometimes I’m sure that I don’t, or that I probably wouldn’t like what Beau might be thinking sometimes … (“could you get your nose out of that book for just a minute and give me some dinner?” or, “if you let those girls put me in another silly outfit, I am going to bite your head off, … or at least I would if I weighed more than 7lbs”).

These books, and this little video, are really created from the perspective of a person who deeply, madly, and forever, knows the value and reward of living with a really great dog. The value is multiplied by the number of dogs, says she who lives with three and is about to welcome two more for a brief “staycation”. Pandemonium may reign, but so will love and laughter. Okay, so will drool, hair, mud, and the occasional chewed shoe, but shoes can be replaced. Dog love is worth the sacrifice.

I’ve been sifting through photos lately, and was struck by the number of portraits I’ve had the joy of making. I’d love to make one for you. Here’s a little “Ode to dogs.” Enjoy. Woof, woof.

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  1. Touching, beautiful, amazing. You are so talented Claire.

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